Iranian Americans for the Constitution Enthusiastically Endorses Donald J. Trump in 2020 US Presidential Election and Condemns Joe Biden’s 47-Year-History of Failed Policies

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- We are a group of Iranian Americans, representing the Iranian-American diaspora, and we enthusiastically endorse Donald J. Trump for President. We’ve reached this decision based on several factors and especially because of his strong leadership against the Iranian Regime and his America First policies. We urge our fellow Iranian Americans to vote for Donald Trump because he is the Ayatollah’s worst nightmare. His re-election will guarantee that the Iranian regime, its supporters and those who have murdered our brothers and sisters in the streets of cities throughout Iran, do not get rewarded with a weak and conciliatory U.S. policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.  

Joe Biden is the candidate of weakness and the Democrat Party’s foreign policy platform is a national disgrace, designed to promote favor with the likes of NIAC – which openly lobbies for the Iranian regime --- and other nefarious groups that want to whitewash many crimes of the Islamic Republic. It is  no accident that all of those who advocate for and support the Islamic Republic in Iran are also supporting Joe Biden’s candidacy and the Democrat party platform.  

Our reasons for being enthusiastic for President Donald J. Trump’s reelection include, but are not limited to:  

Standing Up to the Ayatollahs  

President Donald J. Trump has implemented a policy of Maximum Pressure against the Islamic Republic of Iran that has already delivered for Americans and the Iranian people. The Islamic Republic’s ability to wreak havoc and sponsor terror around the world has significantly been curtailed thanks to the crippling economic sanctions that President Trump has implemented. Gone are the days that IRGC forces were able to drum up a sense of faux nationalism by murdering Syrian children, stirring up sectarian violence, and being able to make credible threats domestically and internationally. By targeting their finances, President Trump has turned this terrorist group and its international conspirators into a former shadow of themselves.  

We believe President Trump’s reelection will further weaken the Islamic regime while a Biden presidency will embolden America’s enemies, including the Islamic Republic.  

Ending the JCPOA 

The Obama-Biden Administration negotiated the JCPOA with the Ayatollahs which has turned out to be a disaster. As we speak – while the Islamic Regime, along with EU are still “in the deal” --  the regime has ramped up its nuclear activities, showcasing that the Obama-Biden nuclear deal was ineffective in its most important goal, which was to prevent creation of a nuclear-armed Islamic Republic.   

However, the failures of Obama-Biden's JCPOA go above and beyond the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. This deal provided the Islamic Republic with tremendous financial resources. We were told by Obama, Biden and Kerry that the financial windfall would  be used by the Iranian government to modernize Iran’s economy and to support the Iranian people.   

That never happened. The money that Obama-Biden administration gave the Iranian regime was used to fund a domestic and international campaign of terror against the Iranian people, the United States and its allies. Domestically, the funds that the Obama-Biden administration gave to Iran were used to purchase bullets and pay for munition that killed innocent Iranian men and women who were peacefully protesting in the streets of Iran.  

Internationally, the money helped finance a deadly campaign of sectarian violence and war across the Middle East. The financial lifeline that the Obama-Biden administration threw to the regime of Iran was used to fund the IRGCs nefarious activities which included killing American service members in Iraq and Afghanistan. It also helped finance Iran’s nefarious adventurism in by financing its terrorist proxies in nations like Syria, Libya and Yemen – where there is an ongoing proxy war between the majority Shia nation and Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia. Iran’s Islamic Republic continues to finance Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Obama and Biden were the real perpetrators of the only true and verified “bounty-gate”, giving the Islamic Republic infamous pallets of cash (including untraceable money) to feed an ongoing campaign of terror.  

There are many culprits behind America’s decision for adopting such a misguided policy in the first place. In addition to the Obama-Biden administration, a special mention is warranted to the ever-compliant media which viewed it as their job to simply be a mouth-piece for the Obama-Biden administration. A case in point is Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic Monthly who proudly decided to be part of an echo-chamber for the administration. Obama’s national security team members, including Ben Rhodes and other administration officials, relied on services of Jeffrey Goldberg and other members of mainstream media to sell a fairy tale to the American people.  

It is especially because of this chicanery that President Trump’s withdrawal from the JCPOA was one of the most shining achievements of his Middle East policy. The Obama-Biden JCPOA was an unmitigated disaster resulting in loss of countless American and Iranian lives.  

No New Wars 

Despite President’s Trump policy of rebuilding America’s military and showing strength, President Trump is the first president in more than 40 years that has not started any new wars. President Trump’s policy of peace through strength is one of his crowning achievements.  

It is one of the interesting ironies of our time that proponents of perpetual war have decided to align themselves with the radical left to try to bring down Trump’s presidency. However, it is because of President Trump’s refreshing commitment to peace that we enthusiastically endorse him.  

Ending Endless Wars of Bush-Obama Era 

President Trump’s commitment to peace indeed goes beyond avoiding new wars. President Trump has successfully ended some of longest wars; ones that had turned into national security vulnerabilities for the United States. The prolonged US-military involvements in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria which started under past administrations had no discernible benefits for the national interest of the United States.  

Economic Prosperity 

Under President Trump’s administration, the U.S. economy experienced an unprecedented boom, the benefits of which were most noticeably experienced by the people on the lower end of the economic spectrum. After years of anemic growth under the Obama-Biden administration, it was refreshing to see blue collar Americans experience wage growth. America’s economy has done much better than the economies in Europe and  Asia.   

COVID-19 Response 

President Trump has shown strong leadership in handling the administration’s COVID-19 response. While many politicians, both in the U.S. as well as internationally decided to use COVID-19 as a pretext to pursue oppressive policies, the Trump administration let science drive its policy response. The administration’s refusal to allow for  prolonged shutdowns, in the absence of supporting data, has been the base policy of the United States so far. As the data is emerging, it is becoming obvious that prolonged shutdowns are not effective and even hurt the most vulnerable segments of the society.  

We also find it ironic that Joe Biden has now started to criticize shutdowns; a policy that he and other Democrat Governors like Andrew Coumo of New York and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan have been advocating for. In addition, Democrat governors in New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Connecticut have been responsible for the highest mortality rates in the United States, mainly as a result of their misguided and in some cases corrupt policy of forcing nursing home and elderly care facilities take COVID positive patients. If policies that New York and Michigan are advocating for are implemented at the national level, the results will be devastating.  

Joe Biden’s 47 Years of Failure 

At the same time, we strongly condemn Joe Biden’s 47-year history of failure, corruption and incompetence. The Biden-Harris ticket combines the worst qualities that one could expect in presidential candidates. Indeed, some of the qualities that you would expect in third-world dictators are basic traits found on the Biden-Harris ticket. Joe Biden has many similarities to the old Ayatollahs that took power in Iran 40 years ago through a combination of mob rule and a cult of personality they have used to enrich themselves and their family members. 

Joe Biden and his family corruption are the true story of the American carnage that President Trump is fighting against. The wars that Joe Biden started have cost American lives. The human tragedy that Joe Biden’s wars caused have resulted in waves of refugees and illegal immigration pushing down wages for low-income Americans and communities of color. The trade deals that Joe Biden has negotiated resulted in American jobs being shipped abroad  under the banner of free trade, but oddly enough the free trade principal never seemed to apply to prescription drugs that were produced by Joe Biden’s friends in the pharmaceutical lobby. Loss of jobs and loss of wages that is advocated by Joe Biden and his allies, combined with his open border policies, fueled the opioid crisis.  

And just when we thought Joe Biden’s sordid history of failure could not have gotten worse, we are learning about Hunter Biden’s shenanigans and corruption. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Joe Biden has tried to deflect that by saying his son has a drug problem and his drug problem should not be stigmatized. Yet, we do not understand how the cure to his son’s drug problem could have been receiving millions of dollars in bribes, with “the Big Guy” getting a percentage of the loot.  

Biden’s Weakness on  Foreign Policy 

Joe Biden is and has been week on foreign policy issues. When Kamala Harris made an argument about how the U.S. should stand with its allies, she made a reference to the killing of known international terrorist and leader of the IRGC-Quds Forces Qassem Soleimani as an example of the U.S. not staying close to its allies. We simply do not believe that Qassem Soleimani was a U.S. ally or that his killing should be viewed as a betrayal of America’s  allies. In fact, this was an insult to America’s actual allies. However, we are not surprised that people who view themselves as a continuation of the failed Obama-Biden policies subconsciously think of Soleimani as their ally.  

Biden’s weakness on foreign policy is boundless. The Democrat Party’s platform calls for a return to the failed nuclear deal that Obama entered (without Congressional authorization or consent). Biden will be weak towards America’s enemies and will betray U.S. allies like Israel.  

Biden’s Support of Mob Rule  

Throughout the months of summer, as many U.S. cities were burning by the left-wing incited violence, Joe Biden and has camp were cheering on the lawlessness calling it a summer of love.In addition to this, Biden’s allies in the Democrat-controlled Congress  blocked legislative attempts by the Republicans to push through policy reform. It seems that Joe Biden views violent mobs as a useful tool to grab political power. It is  a shame that politicians like him are willing to trade our safety and security to stay in power and enrich themselves.  

Biden’s Dictatorial and Despotic Attitude Towards the Role of Media, and Their Unfortunate Compliance  

One of the most troubling aspect of Joe Biden’s candidacy is his relationship with the media. Joe Biden expects the media to be subservient to him, to only ask him convenient questions, and never press him on anything. For example, Joe Biden refuses to answer questions about court packing--another trait of third-world dictators).  

However, the most troubling part of this is the media’s willingness to be compliant with Joe Biden’s requests and never challenge him, presumably because people who work in the media view being challenging to Joe Biden as career suicide, another troubling comparison between Joe Biden and third-world dictators.  

The fact that every piece of news about Biden’s corruption is investigated as a Russian or foreign intelligence operation is simply disgusting. Using law enforcement and media to silence the critics and hide corruption is from the handbook of third-world dictators and has no place in the United States.  

Biden’s Betrayal of American Voters and No Peaceful Transition of Power  

Simply said, the Obama-Biden administration prevented the peaceful transition of power in the aftermath of 2016 election;a behavior consistent with third-world dictatorships. The Obama-Biden administration worked closely with the Clinton campaign to collude with Russia. The Clinton Campaign in particular, by using a network of attorneys and intermediaries, paid Russian agents to fabricate false stories about President Trump. The Clinton campaign then worked with Obama-Biden administration to push those stories, including the sordid Steele dossier, to U.S. intelligence agencies during the transition period.  

Using intelligence and law enforcement agencies to interfere with the peaceful transfer of power and prosecute political opponents is the behavior of third-world dictators and is now a legacy of Obama-Biden administration.  

Biden’s Unbound Corruption 

Joe Biden and his family are the epitome of corruption. Under the Obama-Biden administration, while Joe Biden was in charge of foreign policy and traveled to places like China and Ukraine, his corrupt son Hunter Biden was traveling with his father vacuuming up money and sweetheart business deals.  

As children in Ukraine were going to schools without heat, and in some places limited access to water, Hunter Biden was busy collecting million-dollar paychecks from Burisma so that his father Joe Biden gives the company shield from prosecution for corruption.   

As the Communist Party of China was stealing U.S. intellectual property and building its military presence in the Pacific region, Joe Biden’s son was busy getting billions of dollars for his private fund from China.  

This level of corruption is unprecedented and is more in line with a third-world dictatorship.  

Biden’s Lack of Integrity 

The Biden-Harris ticket is the epitome of zero integrity. While Kamala Harris has previously said she believes Joe Biden’s accusers, she is now happy to change her position and be part of a ticket with someone that she had accused of rape. 

Joe Biden in the past had formed closed alliances with the members of KKK and segregationists whenever it was convenient for him; something that Kamala Harris rightfully called him out on. However, it seems that her rage about Joe Biden’s history of racism was just political theater.  

That is disappointing but not surprising, as Kamala Harris has a history of lies and duplicity. She sent many minorities to jail for non-violent drug crimes, yet she claims she smoked marijuana as student, while listening to artists that had not produced any music at the time that she claimed she was listening to their work. Everything about Kamala Harris seems to be fake and phony.  

Backwards Step for Women 

However, the history of Kamala Harris’s lack of ethical integrity goes beyond that. Kamala grew up as a privileged child of highly successful academics. We do not begrudge her for her parents’ success; however, she likes to garner sympathy by pretending that she had many obstacles growing up--a fairy tale not based on reality.  

Even more troubling perhaps is that  despite coming from a background of privilege, and as a clear metaphor for her political career, she got her first political appointment by being Willie Brown’s mistress. While as young a lady in her twenties it was well within her right to have a romantic and sexual relationship with a married man decades older than her, we simply reject such immoral and unethical behavior and see no scenario where such a person can be a good role model for women.   

Dangerous and Inconsistent Energy Policy  

Biden and Harris have shown material inconsistency in their energy policy. While during his first debate with President Trump, Joe Biden claimed that he is not in favor of the Green New Deal, his campaign website says otherwise. Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have said that they would ban fracking, increasing U.S. reliance on foreign oil. Yet, in almost the same breath they also have claimed that they are not against fracking.  

It is hard to decipher the Biden-Harris position while they refuse to answer any questions, the media does not ask them hard-hitting questions, and they have a history of lies and corruption to get what they want.  

To the Iranian American Community:  

We realize not all Iranian Americans will share our policy goals and we may respectfully disagree with them.  

However, we have to call out those who like to pretend to be anti-regime activists and yet due to a variety of reasons have decided to support the Biden-Harris candidacy. We have heard and seen many of your excuses which we find meritless. Supporting a Biden-Harris candidacy is simply  a betrayal of many brave Iranians who yearn for freedom and are living under oppression. Some of you have tried to justify that position by saying that you are supporting Biden-Harris because you are concerned about America or that you care more about personal integrity. We and the Iranian American community clearly see through that facade. Some of you may be positioning yourselves to try to continue to receive funding and government contracts from a prospective Biden-Harris administration. Such an attitude is truly unethical and shows an utter lack of integrity.  

As for those of you who claim to be anti-regime activists, yet throw  your support behind the Biden-Harris ticket, we remember your stance during the Obama-Biden years and your decision to align yourselves with the so called “reformist” faction of the Islamic Republic (which of course mainly consists of extremists that were at the core of the ayatollahs’ power grab in the 1980s). We will remember your cozy relationship with NIAC and other groups that have questionable ties to the Islamic Republic. Indeed, similar to Kamala Harris, some of you have a history of having romantic and intimate relationships with married people decades older than yourselves to advance your political and journalistic careers. We are not surprised that the Biden-Harris ticket has inspired you to return to your factory settings of moral turpitude 

We will remember your lack of integrity. It seems your positions are driven more by your perception of who has the power, as opposed to principals and integrity. You simply go wherever the wind is blowing. We will remember and will hold you accountable for your unprincipled positions.  

If you were truly concerned about the fate of the Iranian people, and if you really cared about integrity and moral standards of the Office of the President of the United States, you would support President Trump.  


We are steadfast in our belief that Americans deserve a president who fights for the American people. We are also firm in our believe that there is only one candidate which is the Ayatollah’s worst nightmare, and that candidate is Donald Trump.  


As such, it is our honor to be endorsing Donald J. Trump for re-election.